Shortly after I went live with this presentation (2/23/2010), Wordle briefly went off-line due to some potential legal issues (see here ) only to return less than 24 hours later. I'm not sure what the status will be in the future; however, as of this writing, Wordle is the only service that I've evaluated that allows for the "right-clicking to remove a word" technique used as the basis of a portion of this presentation. MANY of the other services will give you a similar initial picture of a text; you just can't go digging as you can with Wordle.


Create a Wordle: click here



Interesting Ways to use Wordle (started by Tom Barrett)

Wordle Ideas
Useful Wordle Trick
5 Reasons to Use Wordle
Why Wordle
Some Alternatives to Wordle (scroll down the page to see the article)
Wordles of Character

Similar Services

Tagul (offers the ability to hyperlink the words in the collage)
ABCya! (only seems to accept typed or pasted text)
WordItOut (very similar to Wordle, does allow the import of tables)
Image Chef