Backchanneling in the Classroom
This will be the home for the support files related to my presentation "Backchanneling in the Classroom."

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Cover It Live
Today's Meet
BackChannel Chat

Student Views

Blog Post

Click here to see a blog post on student views (includes student comments).

Video Comments

Click here to see some students comment on backchannels.

Services Compared Spreadsheet

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Backchannel Comparison3

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Comparison Podcast

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How could you use a backchannel?

Have an idea for using a backchannel? Looking for some additional ideas for backchannels? Share your ideas for using a backchannel and check out what others are doing! Check it out on this page .

Setting up a Backchannel

(using Cover It Live)

Backchannel Resources

To see some blog posts, samples, and other presentations on backchanneling, click here .

PETE&C Backchannel Record

Click here to see the record of the backchannel from the 2009 PETE&C Presentation.
Click here to see the record of the backchannel from the 2010 PETE&C Presentation.

Letter to Parents for Permission

This is just my standard letter sent home on the first day of the semester with a "Web 2.0" clause included.


A commercial / teaser promoting my presentation.

Pete&C 2010**

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