Resources and links for the Model Lesson presentation on Tuesday, 2/14/2011, PETE&C, Hershey, PA.
Session HL02 - 3:30-4:30 - Trinidad Room

Sample Text

Print this text ahead of the the conference so you can annotate it, download at any time for local access on your computer, or access on this web page the day of the session.

Student/Participant Backchannel for Backchanneling Model Lesson

The record of the student backchannel appears below.

Observer Backchannel for Backchanneling Model Lesson

Were you an observer at this model lesson? Want to see what the observers were saying? Click here to see a record of that chat. (NOTE: You will need to scroll to the 3:30 time mark to see the chat for this session since all Model Lesson backchannels were conducted in the same chat.)

Supporting Research

Blog post on Karl Fisch's Fishbowl Technique
A set of student responses from a backchannel
Backchannel Research Paper by Jennifer Maddrell
Vicki Davis' Backchannel Blog Post
Backchanneling Engagement in the Classroom

Backchanneling Basics

Series of blog posts written to assist people with getting started in and familiar with backchanneling.
Materials from my Backchanneling Overview Presentation, click here.